Club Description

The Sauder MBA golf club is a student-run club that aims to connect students to the local business and alumni community. We do this in an informal environment while encouraging and supporting participation in the sport of golf.

Our Vision:

The Sauder MBA golf club will support the growth and development of golf for all skill levels, be a hub for fostering meaningful connections and friendships with students and alumni, and act as recreational yet meaningful tool for relaxation and enjoyment. The club will provide for a platform bringing together current MBA students and the broader MBA alumni community. The MBA golf club seeks to enhance the sense of community and anchor meaningful connections with Sauder MBA students during their time at UBC and beyond.

Co-President - Jaskaran Bedi (JB)


Jaskaran Bedi (JB) is a full time MBA of 2019. Prior to school he has worked in the golf industry in various capacities. Played on the competitive tour in India, JB perused his passion for the game; integrating golf technologies, customer acquisitions, brand engagements and networking using golf as a catalyst. A certified golf coach by the National Golf Academy of India envisions the MBA Golf Club as a platform to break psychological barriers surrounding the game and more importantly spreading the message of “Golf as a way of life” in the business context. 

Co-President - Claire de Weerdt


Claire de Weerdt is a Part-Time MBA of 2019 and dedicated golfer of over five years.  She values passion over skills on the golf course, which makes golf an enjoyable pastime for her.  When she is not golfing, she is busy studying finance, working on large transportation infrastructure projects, and pursuing aspirations in management consulting.  As a third generation UBC graduate, Claire feels like UBC is practically part of her family - even her fiancé is an alumni! This drives her passion for building community here at UBC Sauder and her alignment with the Thunderbirds spirit. Claire is working towards making her vision for the golf club become a reality and bridging the gap between MBA students and industry over a sport that has long been a part of the business lifestyle.

Past Events

Golf, Network & Business - Sauder MBA Golf Club Kick-Off Event (17 March)

Golf Club Event

Come play a round of golf simulation and network over snack and a drink with fellow MBAs, alumni and industry experts from fields ranging from finance to entrepreneurship.