MBA Society Elections

One of the first experiences you will have as a class is the voting season for the Executive Council and Club Presidents. This season brings with it some competition and campaigning. But more than that, it is also a great reflection of why some of your classmates made it to UBC Sauder.

Here’s a brief lowdown of what happens during this season:

Step 1:

The current executive council will hold an information session with your class to give you an idea of the positions that are available in the council and what these positions entail. These details are also made available via Facebook, so you know what you/your classmates are getting yourself into.

Step 2:

You get to then nominate someone you think fits the bill for the position, but because you’re still getting acquainted with your classmates, they will usually just ask you to nominate them for the position. Or you could do the asking too.

If you are nominated for a position, you get an email from the executive council. If you’re in Jon Snow brave mode, you can accept. And if you’re still getting over your happiness of just being accepted onto the MBA at Sauder and want nothing more, you can reject the nomination.

Step 3:

On an assigned election day, you will all be herded into a massive room, where all the nominees will talk about why you should vote for them. You’ll be hearing some amazing life stories and maybe even a rap (or two) if you’re lucky. About 4-5 days after, the winners will be announced and your executive council will now be ready to serve!

It is your responsibility to choose the right candidate because they are responsible for shaping your experience at UBC Sauder and supporting your class culture!

You can get some more information on about this year’s beautiful executive council by going to About > Full-time Exec Council.