Class Norms

One of the greatest things about this MBA is diversity! So “normal” isn’t really the objective here. Here are some class norms that will help you thrive in this environment.

  • ALWAYS arrive on time and grab your coffee before class!

  • Lids Down Policy! You won’t be allowed to use electronics in classes while at UBC Sauder. This might be shocking at first – after all, how are you expected to take notes? Trust us when we say that it’s for the best. Our advice: approach it with an open mind and we think you’ll quickly see the value of an engaged classroom. What about my fancy new laptop you say? Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to use it outside of class.

  • Come prepared, do the reading and think about how the concepts apply to real life, your professional experiences to date and your future aspirations.

  • Create a respectful and safe environment, try and avoid leaving the class outside of breaks, listen when others are talking and don’t belittle opinions or ideas that you don’t like, go with an open mind.

  • Raise your hand if you want to speak and avoid dominating the conversation, encourage others to share ideas and experiences.

  • If you are contributing to the discussion make sure your point is constructive and unique, listen carefully to what others said before and try and build on that and provide new perspectives.

  • The best contributions are often those that bring personal experience, information, analysis, examples or ideas beyond simply repeating what is stated in the readings.

  • Be aware of inherent biases and try and push yourself to consider things from others perspectives both culturally and in terms of industry or profession.

  • Be self-aware, consider how your body language and behavior can impact the learning experience of your class as a whole, try and create a positive, open and constructive space.

  • Lastly, while class norms are really important in creating a safe, fun and constructive learning environment, get ready to embrace ideas and views that will help you challenge the status quo and make an impact as a business leader!