Let’s get a little academic and learn more about the class outline and why it’s important to visit regularly! Syllabai are generally available online prior to the start of each term. Go to your FTMBA Program Site > Program Content > Course Outlines.

It is important to check the syllabus for your courses prior to the start of class for several reasons:

Textbooks & Course Fees:

If a textbook is required for the course, it will be listed in the syllabus. Make sure you inquire with the instructor if a specific edition or publication year is required, if there are multiple editions or printing years available. If other supplies such as a calculator or specific software are required, they will be listed in the syllabus. Some courses have select course fees that need to be paid separately; your course outline will indicate if there are any additional fees for the course.


Required readings will be listed in the syllabus, generally along with a schedule of each class’s reading. Instructions for where to purchase or download readings will generally be provided in the syllabus.

A good strategy is to finish all the readings over the weekend, and focus on finishing up assignments thereafter. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE WITH YOUR READINGS!


The syllabus will sometimes give you more detailed information about assignments, but not always. It will usually give you the dates that your assignments are due.


The breakdown of how you will be assessed in the course will always be listed in the syllabus.

Contact Info & Office Hours:

The syllabus will provide you with your instructor’s contact information and office hours, should you need to contact or see them outside of class.

It is your responsibility to check the syllabus to ensure you are prepared for class each day. If it is not clear on the syllabus when readings and assignments are due, make sure you ask the instructor for clarification on the first day of class.