With more than 65% of the class are international students, UBC MBA is one of the most diverse programs in the country. International Students Representative aims to enhance the learning experience through the following key activities:

- Keeping international students informed about important information and deadlines for MSP, work permit, SIN, tax filing etc.

- Promoting cultural diversity among local and international students

- Being a resource to facilitate transition into Vancouver and UBC life for incoming international students


Representative: Adolphus Bassey

Adolphus is a proud African from a small beautiful town, Odukpani in Cross River State, Nigeria. Adolphus is enthusiastic about technology product management with a unique blend of skills in business strategy integration, software development, and cyber security. He loves managing organizational leadership, mentoring people to be better versions of themselves and supporting causes such as equality and poverty alleviation. He believes that effective application of technology with humanity can go a long way in making the world a better place. He is an avid foodie – made above 40 different meals, enjoys watching TV shows and grabbing a beer after a hectic week of work.