The MBA Games is an annual event competition that brings together MBA students from across Canada.  The Games were started in 1988 by Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario and the trophy given to the winning team is still called the Queen’s Cup. Every year hundreds of Canadian MBA students gather in the home city of the previous years winners to compete in a wide range of academic, sporting and spirit activities.  

Each fall the Full-Time MBA student elects two people to be the MBA Games Representatives to organize a team for the MBA Games. 

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MBA Games 2016 was held from January 2-4 in Toronto, Ontario by the Schulich School of Business at York University (who won the previous year). It was won by DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University. Next year it will be hosted by Vancouver Island University.


"hostile takeover" and sauder killing it on the waterpolo and basketball courts

"hostile takeover" and sauder killing it on the waterpolo and basketball courts


MBA Games 2015 was held from January 2-4 in Hamilton, Ontario by the DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University (who won the previous year). It was a jam-packed weekend of sports, case competitions, spirit events and of course some fun nights at the bar with MBA students from all over the country. MBA Games prep starts off months before the games where we put together a video that is entered into a video competition with each of the MBA Games teams. This year the theme was sustainability and community and you can take a look at the video we put together.

The weekend kicks off with a dance performed by each team. This years MBA Games had some interesting events from inner-tube water polo to a game called hostile takeover that can only really be explained with photos.

There were also a number of spirit events including one dedicated to the MBA Games charity of choice this year the Ronal McDonald House. The competition was to build the best play house for kids and some amazing kids came it to be the judges. 


MBA Games 2014 were held between 3rd and 6th of January in Downtown Toronto, hosted by 2013 victorious Schulich. Sauder team of 40 participated in sports (soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, ultimate frisbee), case(strategy, marketing, finance, sustainability) and various other 'spirit' competition. Although we did not manage to win the Games overall, we performed strongly in most of the competitions, won some of them and our "Wolf of West Coast", a spoof of trailer to Martin Scorsese's "Wolf of Wall Street"  video was acclaimed by all participants as the best advertisement for Sauder Business School.


From January 4th to 7th, MBA Games 2013 was held at Hamilton, Toronto, with 22 schools attending from Canada, and one from USA. Sports competition included basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, and floor ball this year. There was also a variety of case competitions including strategy, marketing, finance, and crisis management.

The highlight of this annual event much be the Leadership Video and Live Dance Performance, which Sauder placed 2nd.


In 2012 the Sauder team put in a phenomenal effort to produce our best ever result at the MBA Games. The team performed well in most events and placed in many. The scavenger hunt team represented Sauders strength in creative thinking renting a UHaul and setting up a living room, complete with couch, TV, coffee table and art at each of the photo locations.

The competition took place in Edmonton, Alberta between January 6th and 8th 2012. The events included sports such as Ultimate, Inner-Tube Water Polo, Volleyball, and Dodgeball. There was also a variety of case events including strategy, marketing and finance. The team performed admirably in the spirit section of the competition producing an excellent LipDub and an opening stage act that got the crowd going!