Co-President: Gayathri Kalyansundar

Gayathri was born in India and did her undergraduate degree in Finance from Bangalore University. Upon graduating in 2007, she was hired by an Investment Banking firm and was subsequently transferred to the United States where she worked prior to moving to UBC to pursue an MBA. Aside from her primary role within the Bank, she was also active within the Women’s network by focusing on empowering newly hired Analysts and Associates as well as creating awareness of and addressing issues impacting women in the workplace. In addition, Gayathri has also served as chair of the Salt Lake City chapter of the Women of ALPFA which is an organization focused on empowering Latino women in Finance and Accounting.  Upon realizing that this was a cause that she was passionate about, Gayathri joined the Women in Business club to continue to work towards creating awareness and promoting equality for women in the business world and is very excited to co-chair the club with Jen who is a strong advocate of equality for and empowerment of both men and women. 

Co-President: Jennifer Bower

Jen is from Los Angeles, California and received her Bachelor of Arts from Boston University. She loves to bake, run, and hike around B.C. After working in legal development and then data consulting, Jen realized she wanted a more meaningful career. Starting her own non-profit, Baking the Change, showed Jen that many companies are willing and eager to help organizations like BtC and she hopes to promote these types of partnerships from the corporate side as a career. As Women in Business co-chair, Jen is most excited to connect with her classmates and learn how the class can encourage equality in their daily lives. Serving as a co-chair is already a highlight of Jen’s MBA experience as Gayathri is a woman who Jen respects, admires, and looks forward to working with over the next year. Jen hopes to connect with you soon! 

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