President - Kaushik Kumar

Originally from the land of Biryani, Hyderabad, India but grew up entirely in Kuwait. Kaushik is an electric engineer by degree who is passionate about technology and anything that gets his creative juices flowing. He has nearly 4 years of experience working in the tech industry in product development teams, and has also handled marketing for popular South-Indian films. Aside from his intense MBA program schedule, Kaushik loves to indulge in a game of Squash or Ping-Pong. He also likes Beer, Biking and Video Production/Editing. Feel free to reach out to him to talk about anything mentioned above or the PSM club in general. He prefers to meet over coffee or beers.


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Product Development and Branding in Retail - Negar Hadavi (5/April/2018)


Saje Natural Wellness ( is a Canadian based retailer of private label essential oils and skin care products. The company is based out of Vancouver and has achieved immense success recently, experiencing growth of more than 1000% in the last 5 years. 

Negar Hadavi, Senior Director of Product at Saje is an MBA graduate from SFU who has 12+ years of experience in Retail in the Fashion, Beauty, Consumer, and Natural Products Industries. She has proven success in managing open to buy budgets, developing successful product lines and launching campaigns. She is also a skilled director leading teams of 11+ in achieving career development targets and providing mentorship. Her other specialties include Category Management, Marketing, and Brand Management. 

PSM Speaker Series: Importance of Digital Marketing (17/ Jan/ 2017) 

PSM Digital Marketing Event

Big rock Urban Brewery Tour (14/ Nov/ 2017)

Big Rock Urban is providing us a tour of their brewery showcasing their operations. Christopher Hong, Partnership and Events lead at Big Rock, is providing us industry knowledge on the operations of a brewery, bottlenecks they face and general information on the beer industry. It’s a fun event that involves beer and lots of insights. 

From Design to Market (9/Nov/2017) 

Amazon Tour (30/June/2017)

Darren Dahl Speaker Series (4/April/2017)


Backun Musical Factory Tour


Ocean Spray Factory Tour

Oceans spray tour.jpg

Tim Silk Speaker Series (3/Sep/2017)

Tim Silk Speaker Series.jpg