J Li

J is a sustainability enthusiast with a global vision and a belief that collaborations among organizations and countries are essential in building a truly sustainable world. She has a bachelor’s degree in Geological Engineering from UBC and has worked in different sectors including natural resources, banking, and non-profit sectors.
J believes in the power of social entrepreneurship, especially in the circular economy space. She loves a good conversation with anyone interested in the topic of sustainability.


Co-President: Mtise Mwanza

Mtise is a strong healthcare services professional interested in the intersection of healthcare and innovation. She has spent over 3 years working on cancer clinical trials and developing new drugs on a nanoparticle platform in the hospital and biotech fields. As a social entrepreneur, Mtise believes in creating a positive social and environmental impact to further the well-being of societies and businesses. She loves nature, a good intellectual challenge, and finding ways of sustainably building African economies.

Contact J or Mtise at netimpactclub@mbasociety.ca