The Natural Resources Club aims to increase awareness and introduce Sauder MBA students about the natural resources industries (Mining, Renewables, Oil & Gas) and incite career aspirations for the new generation of Sauder Graduates. We work as an enabler for students aspiring to work in this industry and bring in all possible sources of information. 

To achieve these, we work as facilitators to get face‐time interaction with industry professionals through networking events, panel discussions, case competitions and industry nights.

Co-President: Maureen Fin

Co-President: Salim Chehab

Salim Chehab is a Mechanical Engineer with 8 years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry spanning several positions in the Middle East and Europe. After witnessing the environmental impact of the fossil fuel energy extraction; he joined the UBC Sauder School of Business MBA program to develop a sustainable business acumen and try to apply this knowledge in the field of renewable energy. Through co-leading the Natural resources club, he hopes to be part of a sustainable solution to the plant’s limited resources.


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