The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club strives to facilitate further growth and passion of entrepreneurship in its members. To achieve this, the club provides necessary resources to those looking to start ventures, networking opportunities within the startup community, access to entrepreneurial UBC MBA alumni, mentorship opportunities, speakers, and connections to the strong Entrepreneurship team at UBC.

Orphan Technology Startup Weekend (OTSW)

Orphan Technology Startup Weekend is the club's flagship event that occurs during the first or second weekends in November. It is open to all MBA students and Masters of Engineering students at UBC. Students are grouped together in random teams and assigned an entirely new technology developed by UBC, which does not yet have a commercial focus. Students must determine a commercial focus and create a pitch for the product. Mentors help guide students progress along the way in order to get them ready for the judge panel of industry experts. Winners get bragging rights and a cash prize!

Other events include:

- Speakers

- Fireside industry chats

- Tech company site visits

- Beer and pitch nights

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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club President: Alexa Shenstone

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