Tips for the MBA program - How to thrive in the 16 months ahead


As you begin your journey in the MBA program, I am taken back to my first year of the MBA program. It was an exciting time and I would like to share some tips with you to making the most out of the next 16 months.  

  1. Stay Organized

    You will be juggling A LOT throughout the program, so stay organized.  Utilize you calendar as much as possible and time block meetings and even how long you plan to spend on each assignment.
  2. See the Big Picture

    Don’t get hung up on the small details and remember to always take a step back and see the big picture.  You will be given so much work in the program that it is impossible to give 100% on everything, prioritize where you want to spend your time and why.
  3. Network, Network, Network

    The MBA program offers you a lot of amazing opportunities to get out and network.  Take advantage of these opportunities and build your skills and grow your network.
  4. Build Relationships

    Take time to build meaningful relationships with your classmates, they will likely be your most important network upon graduation.  Also, take time to learn from each of their unique backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
  5. Have Fun

    The program goes REALLY fast.  Be sure to balance all of your hard work with also enjoying the wonderful city you will be living in.

Enjoy the year ahead,

Lynnfield Mitchell